New queen casino – 新生クイーンカジノ

New queen casino – 新生クイーンカジノ

New queen casino – 新生クイーンカジノ




超ハイブリッドポイントシステム ”Q-PON”は、日本市場では例のない、唯一無二、遊んで溜まったポイントを魅力溢れる景品、商品に交換可能な新機能❗️

さらにさらにスポーツベット、e-Sports、Virtual Sportsなど新しいゲームも目白押し。



AV Actress Minami Aizawa, who received the Best Actress Award at the FANZA Adult Awards 2019, has joined us as a our new promotional model❗

Queen Casino has been reborn with a full site redesign, using huge money, that has shocked an industry and everyone (Shocking RE:BORN)❗❗

Since its dramatic opening five years ago, “QC” has taken the world and is now well known in the global market as well as in Japan❗

The super hybrid point system “Q-PON” is the only one in the Japanese market, with a new feature that allows users to exchange the points they get for luxury goods and attractive prizes❗️

Not only that! New games such as Sports betting, E-Sports, and Virtual Sports are also on the horizon❗️

With 100% customer feedback, QueenCasino has been re-elected as the “Best of the Best Online Casino” as of today❗️❗️

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